Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When I am queen

...we will have some extra laws around here. Here are some of the rules I will institute:

1. A maximum of one essay on a topic I know nothing about per week.

2. Small siblings with a desire to sprinkle glitter on things will a. sprinkle their own glitter, not their older sister's and b. sprinkle it on their own stuff, not their older sister's sewing table.

3. Aforementioned siblings will not take the caps off bottles of Fray-Check, knock them over, and leave them there, dripping onto fabric. Bonus points to children who don't lose the cap of the Fray-Check.

4. Uncooked rice will no longer be used as confetti or any other type of toy. Or if it absolutely must be, it will be swept up, not left all over the living room.

5. Electronics will not die in the midst of a lecture you are listening to for school. Electronics that do run out of batteries will allow themselves to be charged, especially if they are less than six months old.

These rules probably explain why I have not done any sewing at all today.

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