Saturday, December 31, 2011

Less internet = more sewing?

Just a heads-up, that starting at the beginning of next semester, I will no longer have my laptop around. I'm experimenting with not having a laptop at college, so I'm leaving it behind at my house.

I'll still be using the internet, just not as much. I'm hopeful that this will mean more sewing to blog about and be proud of. However, I'm working 14 hours a week next semester. I blocked out my schedule and it looks BUSY. I'm going to try super hard to be organized and disciplined and sew regularly, but I can't make any promises for sure until I figure out how hard my courses are going to be. Sewing and homework are both going to have to fit in after dinner (or before breakfast, but that seems a little extreme).

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful day with your family and friends!

If you don't celebrate Christmas, have a happy 25th of December and best wishes for a wonderful celebration on whichever holiday you do choose to celebrate!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sweater photo #3

I wish the word wrap wasn't gone on texted photos!
You can see the cable pattern a little better here.

Sweater photo #2

The sweater arrived in the mail at K's house today.
He took a few photos with his phone for me.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sweater photo

Sorry...this is all I've got.
A better picture will come later.

Monday, December 19, 2011

And...failure. Sort of.

As I mentioned in the comments to this post, my knitting all-nighter didn't quite work out as planned. I did get everything I wanted to get done done before I went to bed, but I underestimated how long the sewing together would take, and I forgot about the neckband. So the sweater wasn't finished by the time K and I left campus to go our separate ways. This is a perfect example, in my mind of the point that anything worth doing is worth doing right. I shouldn't have gone to bed before the sweater was done, or I should have gone to bed at a normal time.

Oh well. Not much I can do about it now, and the sweater is now done, and it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. I took a crummy cell phone picture to text to K, and promptly forgot to take a good one, wrapped the sweater up, and taped it into a box. So I will make sure to get a picture of him wearing it, and in the mean time you all will have to content yourselves with phone pictures. I'll upload it soon.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Live blogging my knitting!

So, tomorrow I go home for Christmas break. I'm excited to be going home (duh) and quite pleased with how I finished the semester. But there's one project left unfinished. And that's K's sweater. I have the front, the back, and one and a half arms done. Unless I start getting way too sleepy, I'm not going to bed until I'm done the knitting. (Tomorrow I'll sew it together.) I'll live-blog my progress--although I expect the sane people are all in bed!

1:08--Just finished watching Legally Blonde for the first time ever. I liked it! I'm currently 11 inches into the 21 inch long arm. 10 more inches to go!

1:52--12 inches done, 9 to go. At this rate, I'll be done in, oh, 6.6 hours. Hmm. I guess this really will be an all-nighter. Or I'll give up. We'll see.

2:43--13.5 inches down, 7.5 to go. I am definitely feeling the time now! We'll see how long this lasts.

3:13--14.5 inches down, 6.5 to go. Slowly getting there. I'm taking a quick break to eat an orange and move around a little.

3:45--16 inches down, 5 to go. The pace is picking up! As is, probably not unrelatedly, the wrist pain.

4:15--17.5 inches down, 3.5 to go. The number left to go is getting reassuringly small, but the time is getting disturbingly late....

4:45--18.75 inches down, 2.25 to go. Slowing down. :( I should hopefully still finish within the hour, though.

5:15--20.5 inches done, .5 inches to go. So close I can taste it! I just realized I forgot that there isn't just assembling the sweater; there's also knitting the neckband. I think I can still leave that until tomorrow, though. I'll be getting up early and not leaving campus until 3 or so.

5:27--Binding off! Why is the last 1/2 inch always the longest and most time-consuming part?

5:33. DONE. Goodnight!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Quick advertisement

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My favorite prize to redeem from Swagbucks is the $5 Amazon gift card. It cost 450 Swagbucks, which seems like a lot, but only takes me about one or two weeks to earn. If you're going to be searching the internet, you might as well get $15 or $20 a month, right? I don't see Google offering us a dime! :P

If you're interested and want to sign up, would you mind using my referral link? If you sign up using this link, I'll get some extra bucks, and it won't hurt you a bit. Thanks! For 60 free Swagbucks on top of the regular 30 you start with, enter the code MegaMonday.

Let me know if you have questions, and thanks for considering signing up! The money I make from Swagbucks goes mostly for textbooks and Christmas presents.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Quick update

The front of the sweater is completed! I'm working on one of the arms. I'm trying madly to finish it in time to give to K before he goes home for Christmas break, but I'll have to see if that happens--I'm also afraid of hurting my hands/wrists right before finals.

I'll try to post pictures soon, but I've lost my camera, and after a stressful (but fun) extra credit project involving 37 cell phone pictures, I'm not in a hurry to take and upload any more, at least not for a while.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Easy scarf tutorial

Now, be warned...when I say easy, I mean easy. This scarf doesn't even involve any sewing! My dorm made these for homeless people as part of our service challenge. (It's my school's 125th anniversary, and we've been challenged to perform 125,000 hours of service this year.) This scarf was fun to make and very easy. It would be a great project to do with a youth group or a bunch of small children or anywhere there are a lot of people who don't know how to sew.

You need: fleece, a pair of scissors

Step one: Cut two long rectangles of fleece. The idea is for them to be the same width, but it doesn't have to be exact. The ones in my photos aren't, and you can't tell. Our experiments showed that a width of about a foot is good, but again, pretty much anything over 6 inches will work.

Step two: Starting along a long edge, cut slits into the fleece. These slits should go slightly less than halfway across the fleece, through both layers.
Step three: Do the same thing on the other side. Make sure that you don't cut across the fleece so far that you get two short scarves. (This is why it's good to not cut all the way to the middle.) Step four: This is (in my opinion) the hardest step. Start tying the strips you just cut together. Tie one from each layer on the same side. A single knot will usually suffice, but if you have long strips you might want to try a double knot. (My RA liked them better will two knots; I liked them better with one.)This step can be a little tricky because the fleece will twist around and it can be hard to tell which strips go together. Luckily, it's not that important--if you make a mistake, no one will be able to tell once the scarf is done. (Unless you accidentally start tying strips from the same piece of fabric together and wind up with a scarf that suddenly splits into two pieces!)

There are no more steps--once all the knots are tied, you're done!

This is the second scarf I finished. They were all the same color, so I didn't bother to take a picture of the first one.
(Sorry for the less-than-optimal photo quality. Cell phone pictures, what can I say?)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

What a productive weekend!

To recap, here were my goals for the weekend:

1. Do my Greek extra credit project. --Not done, but the weekend's not quite over yet!
2. Write my humanities paper. --Done, a first draft, anyway. I need to go talk to my professor and see if I'm missing anything.
3. Watch at least some of the TV show Firefly with my sisters. --Done! We watched over half of the first season. (Yes, that's a lot of TV in just a few days.)
4. Finish the back of K's sweater. --Done! I even started the front.

So, 3/4 isn't bad, and I'll try to get my Greek project done today.

Major projects I did that weren't originally on my list:

1. Finish setting up the new tank for B's gecko. The gecko is now in a 125 gallon tank instead of a 15 gallon one. B and I only had about 45 minutes of work left, but we'd been putting it off since the summer. Finally, that UFO is checked off my list of things to worry about.
2. Read Aristotle's de anima. I had gotten through book I and part of book II. Now I'm done.
3. Go camping with Teresa and my father. We went on a short one-night camping trip, during which we did very little, but we hiked and birdwatched and had a campfire, as well as sleeping outside in 45* weather.

All in all, this has been a very successful vacation, I've managed to balance work and rest well, which I'm often not very good at. I feel way more relaxed and ready to tackle the last three weeks of school!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Goals

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Here are my goals for the Thanksgiving weekend:

1. Do my Greek extra credit project.
2. Write my humanities paper.
3. Watch at least some of the TV show Firefly with my sisters.
4. Finish the back of K's sweater.

None of them are sewing, as I don't feel like packing up my machine to take it home. On Monday or Tuesday I'll post to let you know how I did.

What are your Thanksgiving goals--sewing or non-sewing related?

Monday, November 7, 2011


K's sweater is progressing slowly but surely. I've done about 12 inches on the back, and the shaping starts at 14 or so. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed having a portable craft project. The cables are also easier than I had expected. Cable charts aren't so scary! I'm glad I just jumped in and went ahead with the project.

The picture isn't showing the color right--it's actually a darker blue. In fact, the yarn is this one, which I got from I couldn't get the cables to show up without the flash, and the flash washed the sweater out a little. Oh well. The sweater also isn't quite flat, so some of the cables look a little more uneven than they actually are in real life.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I haven't knitted anything in years. It's made my hands hurt too much. However, I've wanted a portable craft project for months now, and so I'm going to give knitting another try. Especially since K asked me to make him something, and what can you really sew for guys? PajamaLink pants? Boring.

So the next project on my list is Vogue Knitting's Men's Cabled Crewneck. Have I knitted in years? Nope. Have I ever done a cable? Nope. Have I ever read a cable chart? Nope. Does that stop me? Nope. Seriously, this project looks challenging but not awful--certainly easier than Fair Isle, and I make my brother a Fair Isle sweater years ago.

We'll see how this goes. I ordered the yarn (navy blue) from yesterday.

(Note: You unfortunately and annoyingly have to make a free account to download the pattern, but you can see the picture without one.)

Monday, October 17, 2011


I saw Tartuffe last weekend, and the costumes turned out excellently. :) The MD Theater Guide reviewed Tartuffe, and they put in a section about the costumes:

"The lighing design is a bit static, but the costumes! The costumes are absolutely gorgeous – Kendra Rai spared no detail, and even with Mariane’s (charmingly played by Samantha Smedley) small petticoat malfunction, the costumes are perfectly luscious and era-appropriate."

(For the record, the petticoat malfunction seems to have been the result of a mistake during the dressing stage. Not our fault! Haha.)

To my surprise, the costume shop staff gets their names in the program too. I was not expecting to arrive at the theater and see my name! That was a nice surprise. I will try to find some photos of the completed costumes somewhere--obviously, recording and photography at the show was out of the question.Link

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Conservative in the Costume Shop

Once again, I haven't posted in quite some time. Sorry! I had been planning to post a few days ago, but a very dear friend wound up in the emergency room shortly before I was to leave campus to go home for dinner, and everything went just a little haywire. (The friend is now on multiple prescriptions and has a bad case of bronchitis which developed into a mild case of pneumonia.)

Anyway, I love the sewing I do in the costume shop, but the people...let's just say they can be a little stressful to deal with sometimes. I find the extreme liberalness of the other workers in the shop to be somewhat wearing over time. Now, I have multiple liberal friends and family members. I'm aware that I'm so conservative I make the Republicans look left-wing. I'm not telling everyone to think in lock-step with me. I honestly wouldn't mind an open debate. There have been a couple of those and they were fine.

What bothers me is the constant bashing of people who don't think like them, all in the name of tolerance. What makes this particularly irritating is the people they tend to pick on are near and dear to my heart. Just yesterday we had homeschooler bashing, humanities students bashing, and bashing of the former dean of the honors program.

Homeschooler bashing because a drama student who was homeschooled had missed out on a crude joke popular among small boys. They were absolutely ridiculing him for not having known this joke before they "enlightened" him. I'm still not sure why the humanities student bashing was going on, but apparently it made a lot of people unhappy that a philosophy teacher wanted his class to come see the show. I guess the drama department is catering to a higher level of student than philosophy classes can offer? As far as the former dean of the honors program, there was a worker who claimed he had threatened to not give her permission to take her classes if she didn't take one humanities class and she had to make him back down. Let me tell you--I've known this man for ten years. He wouldn't threaten a student. And if he did, he wouldn't back down! Argh.

I tried to be fair while writing this rant, but I'm sure it was pretty biased and unfair to the people involved. So I have tried to avoid names and more than general depictions of people. Essentially I needed to get that off my chest.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Maid's hat!

Wow, sorry about the formatting screwup!
(Note to self: mobile publishing = bad idea!)

Anyway, I worked on this maid's hat in the costume shop last week.
It wasn't clear if it was a muslin or not. Haha.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Costume shop sewing

So, I have been pretty busy lately, and I haven't been posting much. Sorry about that! I've been sewing both in and out of the costume shop. The show that we're preparing for now is Tartuffe by Moliere. Most of the costumes are bought or rented, which means we're doing a lot of alterations, but not a lot of "building," or making a costume from scratch.

I spent many hours tagging rented or borrowed costumes. This involved sewing thread labels onto the tags or into the back of the neck, like so:

Unsurprisingly, this got old fast, but whatever. It's pretty important--every place we rented costumes from got a unique thread color associated with it, and now it's easy to tell them apart.

I don't have a picture of them, but I also made a decent amount of progress on a muslin of a pair of pants. I gathered the waistband and attached it. I also worked on a maid's cap, which I do have a picture of. I'll upload that later.

I love this job!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What a great story!

Check out this NYTimes article about a former prostitute who now supports herself and her children by sewing!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First day of work

Yesterday was my first day working in the costume shop, my new work-study job. I arrived at 2:00 to discover that the shop was in minor tumult due to the fact that it had flooded earlier in the day. I don't know the details of what happened, but it apparently cause quite a mess. The custodian was leaving with his bucket as I was arriving. Since my boss arrived to find her shop full of water, she was a little behind schedule and disorganized. As a result, there really wasn't much for me to do. I was given a tour of the shop, picked out a pair of scissors to be "mine," sorted out a bunch of buttons, and looked at my instructional packet.

The packet is a bunch of pages of photocopies from sewing instruction books. The goal is to get everyone up to speed on techniques they need and to make sure that everyone is using the same terminology. For example, I would say that slip stitch is the stitch you use to create a blind hem. According to the packet, slip stitch is one stitch and blind hem stitch is something different. I don't know if that's costume shop terminology or if the rest of the world differentiates as well, but at least now I know! When there's downtime in the shop, we workers will go through our packets and practice the skills included in it.

I'll post a description of the shop soon, hopefully with a few photos, but in the meantime let me just say that I covet this room so much! The props I can take or leave, and the fabric is kind of costumey (duh, it's a costume shop!), but I want that many machines and drawers and that much space!

Friday, September 2, 2011

One month later....

...I haven't really sewed anything. However, I do have some exciting sewing related news. As part of my financial aid package this year, I got federal work-study. (For non-Americans or people who don't know anything about US financial aid, this means that the government gives the school money to pay students to work.)

My job is working in the costume shop. This means I get to help sew the costumes for the show and keep them repaired. I'll be working there five hours a week, which is less than I had hoped to work, but not the end of the world. At least I have a job (work-study jobs can be hard to find) and at least it's not miserable, and in fact rather enjoyable.

So, even if I continue to not get much sewing done on my own, I'll have work sewing to report on. I also helped a friend sew a cover for his Kindle yesterday evening, and if people are interested I can track him down to take a photo of it to show everyone.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I hate everything right now

Ok, so I'm exaggerating. A lot. But this week really is not going well. Last week was spent on vacation, and no sewing got done. This week is a week I've been looking forward to all summer--work is 20 minutes away instead of 35+, and books are arriving for next semester. However, work is turning out to be very stressful, my joint pain is acting up, and my room is a total disaster. So I feel like I have done nothing productive in weeks and like my life is falling apart. I'm in survival mode right now in a lot of ways. I have an idea for a cool project, but I can't predict when it will be done. Work next week is an hour away, so things will probably get worse before they get better. I'll see what I can do, but no promises.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

One step left!

The quilting part is done! I used knot quilting (which is a term I just made up) since it seemed easier and faster to me.

So there's just a knot at every corner. Easy, yes. Fast, well, not exactly. But it's also kind of boring and repetitive, so I wasn't exactly working my hardest.

All I have left now is the binding. Any suggestions? I could make a binding out of the leftover backing if there's enough of that. Or I could use the satin blanket binding, but that seems a little shiny for denim. It's also expensive. What would you use?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Secret sewing

Sorry for the lack of progress. I'm currently working on a secret project which I can't post about yet. I highly doubt the recipient reads my blog, but better safe than sorry! This project has come to a standstill because the next step is ironing. And when it's this hot out, I delay ironing. Sometimes on warm days I iron outside, but not when it's this warm. Standing outside in a heat index of 113 with steam and heat coming up into your face? No, thank you! I spent an hour at the pool sitting in the shade this morning while J swam laps, and that was bad enough. Even at 9am, the heat index was 107.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Knit Dresses!

This post is all about knit dresses and knit fabrics! I love knit dresses, and I would like to make more of them. However, I currently own no knit dress patterns, and I have no good source for knit fabrics. I own two knit fabrics, which you can see pictures of here, but both of them are heavier weight and probably better suited for winter.

So, from all the sewists and seamstresses out there who have far more experience than I do, what are your favorite sources for knits? Particularly cheap knits? What are your favorite patterns? (I'm looking for both summer and winter patterns.) What are things that I should probably know, but I probably don't? Either post a comment, or, if you have a lot to say, I've tried to set up a linky.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Actual Quilting

I've started the actual quilting of my quilt. Finally! After looking up tips on how to pin it smoothly and flatly, I'm pretty sure I have been constructing this quilt all out of order. Luckily I'm not much of a perfectionist! The next quilt will probably go much more easily.

Also, I'm looking for binding tips! Blanket binding seems a little too shimmery for putting next to denim, and it adds up fast. Should I make my own binding out of leftover flannel? Or do something else entirely?

Sunday, July 10, 2011


About a week ago, I was shopping at Ross and I found a purple and black leopard print dress. So fun! However, it didn't fit at all:
You know the way when you're shopping, sometimes pieces of clothing call out to you? For me, these are usually things that don't fit. This dress called out to me. However, unlike all the fitted blazers and shoes and other things that are totally unalterable (at least by me), this dress had a seam up each side and no fastenings to mess with. Two quick seams later, here's what I have:

Funny story about this dress: I texted a friend to tell her about it. She texted back, "Really??" I texted back, "Yes, really--do you disapprove?" Her response? "No, I'm just surprised. It sounds like the kind of thing your aunt would buy you and you would never wear!" It's certainly true that my aunt's sense of style is a little more out there than mine in, but I guess she's rubbing off on me!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy fourth!

Happy fourth of July, everyone! I have been doing a little bit of sewing, but not as much as I would like to. I have a job now, and while I am truly thankful for this job, it does take up time and wear me out. I have an alteration to show you all, and I really should get around to finishing that quilt!! It's been way too long.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The quilt top is finished!

(Is quilt top supposed to be one word or two?) It's a bit bigger than I had expected, but oh well. Not a problem at all. Here's a picture of the quilt top with two small children on it for size. And just for fun.I don't plan to put any sort of batting or padding in here. I think that denim and flannel together should keep it warm enough. This is the sheet that is going to turn into the backing:
Since we already had the sheet and I collected torn jeans over a period of several months, this project is going to be completely free. Well, except for the thread and the many needles I broke by sewing cavalierly over pins! But for a blanket big enough to put on a bed, I consider that a pretty good deal, and I'm happy.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Real sewing!

If by real sewing you mean sewing 280 seams about five inches long. I'm making a quilt! I've been saving old jeans for quite a while, and cutting squares out of them, as well as salvaging the zippers for new pairs of pants.

Over the course of the past three days, I took all these squares:
Rather than laying them all out on the floor and arranging them, I decided to toss them all in a box, mix them up, and pick them out randomly to sew them together. See?
I then just started sewing. Yes, it did get quite boring. Luckily the seams are short and the fabric is denim, which is a fabric I really like. I need to get myself some new headphones, though, so I can listen to music while I sew. As of about an hour ago, all these random squares had been turned into this:
Yes, it still does look like a heap of squares, but trust me, it's actually turned into a bunch of long strips. Next up, deciding which order to sew these strips together in!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I was clearing out my camera's memory card, and I realized I forgot to ever post a picture of this T-shirt I made for J. (CUA, for those unaware, stands for The Catholic University of America, where I go to school.)

I didn't make the shirt, but I cut out and sewed on the letters. I know, not a very impressive project, but I haven't gotten much sewing done at all lately.

This is not the world's most flattering photo of J, but she is terrible at posing for photos!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Quality over Quantity

When it comes to clothes, I definitely subscribe to the "less is more" camp. I don't believe that that is what's best for everybody, but it's what works for me. I just moved home from college yesterday, and I spent most of Saturday afternoon packing. I could not believe how much stuff I had! I had, for example, 62 books.

On the clothes front, I realized that it was time to be a little more ruthless in clothes purging. I tend to have T-shirts that I don't want to wear, but don't want to toss. In the interests of reducing clothes, I got rid of all my pajama T-shirts, and replaced them with the T-shirts I don't wear. This way I can keep the T-shirts that have sentimental value, but they won't be lying around doing nothing.

The problem with me and clothes is that if I can't see it, I won't wear it. I need to have a small enough wardrobe that I can have a pretty good idea of what's in it, and be easily able to find everything. I would love to hang most of my clothes for better visibility, but as I have no closet at home and only a small one in college, that's not happening any time soon. I see the appeal of having a giant wardrobe to mix and match with, but I can't handle that much clothing. I really can't.

Do you have lots of clothing, or a small amount? Any good organization tips for when storage is extremely limited?

Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm alive, I swear!

This is why I was reluctant to start a blog. I had a feeling I would post regularly for a while and then slip off the blogging wagon. I will spare you apologies and rash promises of regular posts. I hope to sew more often during the summer, which is almost here (two classes, two papers, four finals, and then I'm freeee!), but I can't guarantee that.

Anyway, I did promise a post about the accessories I wore. Here's a picture (slightly blurry, sorry) of what the hairband, necklace, and earrings:
The hairband is an extra piece of the ribbon that the sash was made out of. I sewed a line of beads down the middle of it and my mother put elastic in the back. It's a very nice hairband, but it's really too wide for the amount of hair that I have. It didn't work terribly well. As a matter of fact what I wound up doing was getting my hair wet, and then my roommate blowdried it to give it a little more volume. The hairband then spent the evening sliding around and looked rather strange by the end of the night. Oh well. Live and learn.

The earrings and the necklace were made by my little sister. I did tell her that if she writes up a description of them I will post it here for her. So far she hasn't. (M, if you're reading this, it's not too late!) So I will do the best I can. The necklace is simply a bunch of smaller beads with large flat glass beads interspersed regularly throughout. The earrings are a tear-drop shape of smaller beads surrounding a large bead. The smaller beads are the same as the ones that I sewed on the hairband.

I haven't worn the hairband or the necklace since the inaugural ball (although I'm sure I will wear the necklace), but I wore the earrings (and the shoes) to Easter Mass and dinner.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bah. I apologize.

I know. I owe you multiple accessory posts. Or at the very least a link to someone else's beautiful creation or genius tutorial. But here's the thing:It's midterms season.
  • I just got my wisdom teeth out, and pain medicine not only doesn't work very well, but makes me feel sick.
  • My uncle is going overseas with the US Army and will be in danger for a good long time. (Those of you who pray, pray for him, his wife, and his children.)
  • I have not been getting enough sleep.
  • A close family friend just died.
So I have some excuses. I will keep trying. Maybe over spring break?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Finished dress!

The dress is finished! Here is a photo of it:
Sorry for the total mess in the background. This photo was taken shortly before we left, so the debris that was created by six girls getting ready in one college dorm room was still scattered all around. However, this is the photo I have that shows off the dress the best.

I am so, so pleased with how this dress turned out. I think this may be my favorite thing I've ever sewn. I have so many lovely pictures that I could post. I will be putting up a couple more posts in the next week or so about my accessories, which are mostly handmade, so you will have to deal with more photos, but I will just leave you with a shot of me and my boyfriend for now:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Making progress

Well, I have only got about 7 steps left in this dress. Of course, the last step in any dress is always "Hem the darn thing," which usually takes me about as long as the rest of the work, but serious progress is definitely being made. I never did find piece 8, and there don't seem to be many people out there with this dress pattern, so I made up piece 8. I traced the shape of the side seams off piece 6, and then added many (many many) inches so that I could be sure that it wouldn't be too small. After all, I can always make it smaller. Last night I wrapped the skirt around myself. It easily goes around my waist and overlaps four inches--and this is with my sweater on. So it's certainly not too small!

In other news, I changed my mind about the color of the sash. I happened to be out shoe shopping with my mother, and she suggested we go look for a pair of shoes to wear, as she wasn't a fan of the shoes I'd chosen from what I already had. We went, among other places, to David's Bridal, and found a shoe from their clearance rack that I really liked. It's one of their dyeable shoes. I had originally planned to buy dye from the craft store and dye them myself, but when I discovered that David's Bridal only charges $4 for a dye job, I figured I would just let them do it. However, I wasn't a big fan of their pinks, so instead I decided on a light turquoise color called "Mermaid." We then went to the craft store and found a ribbon the same color to use as a sash, and also some beads, which my little sister has volunteered to make into a necklace for me.

I feel terribly spend-thrift for buying custom dyed shoes, but even with the dye job the shoes only cost about $30. That is a little more than I had planned to spend, but I think I'll be able to wear them again fairly easily.