Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ha! I was right!

I was right! That doesn't happen all that often around here, so I'll just bask in the glory...I was right....I was right....

Ahem. Sorry. It turns out I did have more black thread. A sister had borrowed it. So I was able to finish B's pajamas during karate class last night. (I stayed home because I was still coughing a lot.) Here are some pictures:

B doesn't pose well for photos. His face always looks weird. Oh yeah, and please ignore the mess.
He's a tiger, after all, so why not act like one?

These pajamas didn't work quite perfectly. For one thing, I have neither a stretch stitch nor a zig zag stitch on my machine. I just set a fairly long stitch length and hoped for the best. It worked pretty well, but I think the hems (which I topstitched) got a little stretched out. I also sewed the collar in backwards. Duh! Oh well, B doesn't care, and it's just pajamas, so I didn't bother ripping it out and sewing it in properly. You can also see in the first photo that the strip is off-center. It's centered in the back. This was due to a miscommunication between me and my mother. While I was laying out pattern pieces, she looked at the bottom layer of fabric and said something about lining the stripes up. I thought she said they were lined up. Turns out she actually said that I *should* line them up. Oops.

That's a pretty long list of problems, but the pajamas don't actually look that bad. Well, I think the long legs look really weird, but B specifically requested them that length.

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Teresa said...

You can go ahead and say "stole"....