Thursday, May 6, 2010

Simplicity 2690

Well, I finished sewing Simplicity 2690 today. My pattern review can be found here. I made view C, which doesn't have sleeves or trim. My sizing was a mess, so I cut an 8 at the bust, a 10 at the waist, and a 12 at the hips. After sewing it, I'm thinking that the style is so loose I could have cut the 8 all the way through, but oh well.

I made a few alterations to this pattern. First of all, I made the armholes smaller. As Simplicity wanted me to sew, they'd have been huge and gaping. This was an easy fix, as the way the pattern is designed means that decreasing the armhole is a simple matter of extending the armhole seam. I also took out half an inch on each side of the bodice. This was a slapdash fix after the shirt was done except for the hem, so it doesn't look too nice. Luckily, the print hides it (mostly) and I don't think anyone will notice. The last alteration I made was that I made the elastic a little shorter than what they called for. I would have made it even shorter, but then the elastic would have made me hot. I think the elastic is going to be hot anyway, but at the length I cut it I think I can live with the heat.

The fabric I used was a rayon blend jersey knit from I still have some left over, but I'm not sure what I'll make from it yet.

Apologies for the poor photo--there's too much stuff in the background, and I'm not even standing up straight, which, besides looking dumb, causes all these weird wrinkles. You can see the shirt pretty well, and I figured that's what matters.

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Jana said...

It turned out really cute!