Sunday, May 9, 2010

Me-Made May, day 9

Well, technically I should be wearing something I made myself, as it is still May. However, I'm not. We are going to a Confirmation for a beloved cousin today. I have some dresses I made that I could wear, but they are fancier than what is normally worn at my cousin's church. My original plan had been to finish the top I spent yesterday working on and wear that with a black skirt, but I didn't get time to finish it, due to an intensely time-consuming shopping trip. (I went shoe-shopping and mother's day present shopping in the same trip. Success on both counts, but still. *shudder*) So I am wearing my brown shirtdress from Kohl's, along with one of the pairs of shoes I bought. Hopefully when I get home I can change into something I made.

On another note, prom was Friday. I went over to my friend's house to see her in her dress. She looked lovely. Hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday I'll post a couple of pictures and my pattern review.

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