Monday, May 10, 2010

I think I know why sewing blogs die...

...I think it's the photos. I have a post on the prom dress all written up, but I'm waiting for photos. I have a top I finished today, but when I went to photograph it, I discovered my camera batteries were dead. For now, though, I'll tell you that the shirt is New Look 6807 and I'm not very happy with it. I love the fabric, which is a green and brown flowered knit from, but the neck is too wide and low for my taste, even though I raised it a good inch. There's also something very screwy with the lower back. I'd almost say it needed a sway back adjustment, but I've never needed one before. Can that happen, that one particular pattern will need a swayback adjustment? (People who were actually taught any of this, help me out!)

I'm not sure at this point if the shirt is salvageable. I think the back can just look weird and I can live with that, but I think I either need to find a way to raise the neckline or wear something underneath it. It's not that bad objectively, but I don't really feel comfortable wearing it myself. Maybe I'll find a friend to give it to or something, if I still feel this way after some tweaking.


Dawn said...

Sophie, your blog is wonderful. I just discovered it via Moments of Grace and have to tell you, I loved reading over your sewing adventures. I don't have much talents in the way of sewing so its a joy to read over your work. Loved that shirt, with all the wonky sizes! Also, the backless with bow dress pattern. I'll keep my eye out for them. Blessings!

Sophie Miriam said...

Thank you very much!