Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm getting bored--prom dress photo!

Okay, so I was originally going to wait for a few more prom photos, but I got bored waiting for them. So I'm posting the one photo I have, and will just make a new post if/when the others show up.

I think that this prom dress worked out quite well. Quite honestly, when my friend A described the dress she wanted, I thought a white dress with a blue sash would look weird. I'm very glad I trusted her judgment, because it turned out looking beautiful!

What we did was I did a lot of the sewing, but whenever A had time, she would come over to my house and do the sewing herself. I think this worked out well--it took a lot of the pressure off her, since she didn't really have time to sew the whole thing herself. But it also is much more fun for her than just having me make it for her. Besides, I enjoyed sewing the dress together with her more than I would have enjoyed sewing it by myself. (Although, honestly, I think there are few conditions under which I wouldn't absolutely love sewing something that uses 15 yards of tulle for the skirt!)

I reviewed the pattern itself, Simplicity 3878, here. The basics of the review: I thought it was a lovely style. I think that there was way too much ease in the pattern, though. We made a muslin of the bodice, and altered the pattern pieces to make the bodice tighter. However, I also felt like the amount of ease in the dress kept growing--every time we tried it on, we had to take a little more out! It worked out very well in the end, though. I folded over the extra fabric, rather than cutting it off. If A wants to lend her dress to someone bigger than she is, the dress can be enlarged by taking out the lining and zipper and taking advantage of that extra fabric. (I don't think that was well explained at all. Does that make sense?)
We didn't quite follow the pattern--we shortened the skirt and left off all the ribbons, beads, and trims Simplicity wanted us to sew onto the sash.

I went over to A's house the afternoon before prom, so I got to see her in dress and make-up and shoes and everything. She looked beautiful! A took the extra fabric from her sash and sewed her date's tie and handkerchief herself.


Branka said...

Oh wow Sophie, it's beautiful!!
I never would've thought white and blue would work this well together, the dress is gorgeous, nice job!!
I'm secretly hoping A will let us see the prom pic with makeup and everything?

Sophie Miriam said...

Thank you! I would never have thought it would work this well either.

I'm sure that she will, it's just a matter of waiting until the photos get sorted out. There is a photo somewhere of her all dressed up with me, but at this point I'm not sure who has it.

Jana said...

Gorgeous! It looks like a Betsy Dress!

Sophie Miriam said...


MarieBayArea said...

dreamy dress. i love all the white frothiness on the skirt.

Sophie Miriam said...