Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Real sewing!

If by real sewing you mean sewing 280 seams about five inches long. I'm making a quilt! I've been saving old jeans for quite a while, and cutting squares out of them, as well as salvaging the zippers for new pairs of pants.

Over the course of the past three days, I took all these squares:
Rather than laying them all out on the floor and arranging them, I decided to toss them all in a box, mix them up, and pick them out randomly to sew them together. See?
I then just started sewing. Yes, it did get quite boring. Luckily the seams are short and the fabric is denim, which is a fabric I really like. I need to get myself some new headphones, though, so I can listen to music while I sew. As of about an hour ago, all these random squares had been turned into this:
Yes, it still does look like a heap of squares, but trust me, it's actually turned into a bunch of long strips. Next up, deciding which order to sew these strips together in!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I was clearing out my camera's memory card, and I realized I forgot to ever post a picture of this T-shirt I made for J. (CUA, for those unaware, stands for The Catholic University of America, where I go to school.)

I didn't make the shirt, but I cut out and sewed on the letters. I know, not a very impressive project, but I haven't gotten much sewing done at all lately.

This is not the world's most flattering photo of J, but she is terrible at posing for photos!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Quality over Quantity

When it comes to clothes, I definitely subscribe to the "less is more" camp. I don't believe that that is what's best for everybody, but it's what works for me. I just moved home from college yesterday, and I spent most of Saturday afternoon packing. I could not believe how much stuff I had! I had, for example, 62 books.

On the clothes front, I realized that it was time to be a little more ruthless in clothes purging. I tend to have T-shirts that I don't want to wear, but don't want to toss. In the interests of reducing clothes, I got rid of all my pajama T-shirts, and replaced them with the T-shirts I don't wear. This way I can keep the T-shirts that have sentimental value, but they won't be lying around doing nothing.

The problem with me and clothes is that if I can't see it, I won't wear it. I need to have a small enough wardrobe that I can have a pretty good idea of what's in it, and be easily able to find everything. I would love to hang most of my clothes for better visibility, but as I have no closet at home and only a small one in college, that's not happening any time soon. I see the appeal of having a giant wardrobe to mix and match with, but I can't handle that much clothing. I really can't.

Do you have lots of clothing, or a small amount? Any good organization tips for when storage is extremely limited?