Monday, May 9, 2011

Quality over Quantity

When it comes to clothes, I definitely subscribe to the "less is more" camp. I don't believe that that is what's best for everybody, but it's what works for me. I just moved home from college yesterday, and I spent most of Saturday afternoon packing. I could not believe how much stuff I had! I had, for example, 62 books.

On the clothes front, I realized that it was time to be a little more ruthless in clothes purging. I tend to have T-shirts that I don't want to wear, but don't want to toss. In the interests of reducing clothes, I got rid of all my pajama T-shirts, and replaced them with the T-shirts I don't wear. This way I can keep the T-shirts that have sentimental value, but they won't be lying around doing nothing.

The problem with me and clothes is that if I can't see it, I won't wear it. I need to have a small enough wardrobe that I can have a pretty good idea of what's in it, and be easily able to find everything. I would love to hang most of my clothes for better visibility, but as I have no closet at home and only a small one in college, that's not happening any time soon. I see the appeal of having a giant wardrobe to mix and match with, but I can't handle that much clothing. I really can't.

Do you have lots of clothing, or a small amount? Any good organization tips for when storage is extremely limited?


Sylvia said...

Darn!!! I don't believe it. I just wrote you a long tutorial on how to turn a plain T-shirt into a dress with a three-quarters circle skirt and I his "publish" without selecting an "identity."
Now ten minutes of typing went down the drain. I'm slowly forming a prejudice against Blogger. It ought to tell you.
So here it is again. Cut off the T-shirt below the "below the bust" line. Cut out a three-quarters circle from a huge piece of fabric with a diameter of about four feet. Or better yet cut it out in two half-three-quarters-circle-skirt-pieces and sew them together. Cut from the center a hole, circular, or maybe an oval, to match the circumference of the T-shirt, at the bottom, after you cut off part of it. Sew the T-shirt to the skirt. Now it's a dress! Don't forget to hem it. Now to make it look more on purpose, cut two-inch-wide strips of fabric from the skirt cloth, on the bias, and use them to edge the neck and sleeves. Ta-da!
*I've never actually done this myself. It may be horrible. Oh, and feel free to add ties to that if you've got any fabric left over.

Sophie Miriam said...

Thanks, I think I will definitely have to try that!