Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I haven't knitted anything in years. It's made my hands hurt too much. However, I've wanted a portable craft project for months now, and so I'm going to give knitting another try. Especially since K asked me to make him something, and what can you really sew for guys? PajamaLink pants? Boring.

So the next project on my list is Vogue Knitting's Men's Cabled Crewneck. Have I knitted in years? Nope. Have I ever done a cable? Nope. Have I ever read a cable chart? Nope. Does that stop me? Nope. Seriously, this project looks challenging but not awful--certainly easier than Fair Isle, and I make my brother a Fair Isle sweater years ago.

We'll see how this goes. I ordered the yarn (navy blue) from Fabric.com yesterday.

(Note: You unfortunately and annoyingly have to make a free account to download the pattern, but you can see the picture without one.)

Monday, October 17, 2011


I saw Tartuffe last weekend, and the costumes turned out excellently. :) The MD Theater Guide reviewed Tartuffe, and they put in a section about the costumes:

"The lighing design is a bit static, but the costumes! The costumes are absolutely gorgeous – Kendra Rai spared no detail, and even with Mariane’s (charmingly played by Samantha Smedley) small petticoat malfunction, the costumes are perfectly luscious and era-appropriate."

(For the record, the petticoat malfunction seems to have been the result of a mistake during the dressing stage. Not our fault! Haha.)

To my surprise, the costume shop staff gets their names in the program too. I was not expecting to arrive at the theater and see my name! That was a nice surprise. I will try to find some photos of the completed costumes somewhere--obviously, recording and photography at the show was out of the question.Link

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Conservative in the Costume Shop

Once again, I haven't posted in quite some time. Sorry! I had been planning to post a few days ago, but a very dear friend wound up in the emergency room shortly before I was to leave campus to go home for dinner, and everything went just a little haywire. (The friend is now on multiple prescriptions and has a bad case of bronchitis which developed into a mild case of pneumonia.)

Anyway, I love the sewing I do in the costume shop, but the people...let's just say they can be a little stressful to deal with sometimes. I find the extreme liberalness of the other workers in the shop to be somewhat wearing over time. Now, I have multiple liberal friends and family members. I'm aware that I'm so conservative I make the Republicans look left-wing. I'm not telling everyone to think in lock-step with me. I honestly wouldn't mind an open debate. There have been a couple of those and they were fine.

What bothers me is the constant bashing of people who don't think like them, all in the name of tolerance. What makes this particularly irritating is the people they tend to pick on are near and dear to my heart. Just yesterday we had homeschooler bashing, humanities students bashing, and bashing of the former dean of the honors program.

Homeschooler bashing because a drama student who was homeschooled had missed out on a crude joke popular among small boys. They were absolutely ridiculing him for not having known this joke before they "enlightened" him. I'm still not sure why the humanities student bashing was going on, but apparently it made a lot of people unhappy that a philosophy teacher wanted his class to come see the show. I guess the drama department is catering to a higher level of student than philosophy classes can offer? As far as the former dean of the honors program, there was a worker who claimed he had threatened to not give her permission to take her classes if she didn't take one humanities class and she had to make him back down. Let me tell you--I've known this man for ten years. He wouldn't threaten a student. And if he did, he wouldn't back down! Argh.

I tried to be fair while writing this rant, but I'm sure it was pretty biased and unfair to the people involved. So I have tried to avoid names and more than general depictions of people. Essentially I needed to get that off my chest.