Monday, October 17, 2011


I saw Tartuffe last weekend, and the costumes turned out excellently. :) The MD Theater Guide reviewed Tartuffe, and they put in a section about the costumes:

"The lighing design is a bit static, but the costumes! The costumes are absolutely gorgeous – Kendra Rai spared no detail, and even with Mariane’s (charmingly played by Samantha Smedley) small petticoat malfunction, the costumes are perfectly luscious and era-appropriate."

(For the record, the petticoat malfunction seems to have been the result of a mistake during the dressing stage. Not our fault! Haha.)

To my surprise, the costume shop staff gets their names in the program too. I was not expecting to arrive at the theater and see my name! That was a nice surprise. I will try to find some photos of the completed costumes somewhere--obviously, recording and photography at the show was out of the question.Link

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