Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'll take that as a compliment...

Yesterday, we had door to door salesmen come and try to sell us "high-quality, extremely cheap" meat, which was still far far more expensive than what we usually buy. TH wanted to know, once they had gone, why we didn't buy the meat, if it would normally cost $250 and they were selling it for $140. I used the analogy of clothing stores--a pair of jeans which is on sale at J. Crew, for example, is still way way more expensive than a pair of jeans at Kohl's, and if you can only afford clothes from Kohl's, it doesn't make sense to buy the "cheap" jeans from J. Crew. I then added that I actually did have one pair of pants from J. Crew, but that I'd gotten them from a thrift store. He asked, "Oh, are those the ones you're wearing?"

I was actually wearing a pair of jeans I made myself. Now, I can't *really* take it as a compliment, since the kid's never been in J. Crew, or any other high end store, and knows nothing about fashion. ("Oh, come on, this is church appropriate--the hole is really small!") But hey, I've never had anything I've made compared to anything as expensive as J. Crew, so I'll go with it.

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