Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Photo-less sewing update

Apologies for the lack of pictures in the last few posts. I would love to give you a good excuse, preferably one involving saving someone from drowning and thereby ruining my camera or something equally impressive, but the truth is that I don't really know where my camera is. So that's why I have no pictures.

On Saturday, I spent an impressive amount of time sewing. I got nearly all of a pair of Jalie 2908 jeans done. Mine aren't really jeans, they're made out of black stretch poplin, but whatever. Everything is done except the buttonhole and the hem. I am waiting on the buttonhole, because I am working on figuring out how to do a bound buttonhole. My regular buttonholes look extremely bad, and my machine doesn't do buttonholes, sadly.

Today, I worked on Simplicity 6699. I would have made more progress, but to my great distress, I decided I wanted to raise the neckline more than I already had. I wound up making it three inches higher! Today's patterns. *sigh* I think that part of the problem is that my shoulders are very narrow, but I also think the pattern neckline is lower than it looked on the envelope. I'm making this dress out of a white seersucker with purple and green and blue flowers on it. I think it will be perfect for summer.

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