Sunday, October 7, 2012

Not my most attractive moment, perhaps

I have worn my Very Hungry Caterpillar skirt several times since I made it. Every time I wear it, I get a compliment on it. Yesterday CUA's honors program went on a fall hike, and I decided to go ahead and wear my skirt to hike in. After all, going hiking with a bunch of academics isn't a very strenuous endeavor, and Rock Creek Park isn't exactly the world's most challenging hiking grounds. Half our hike was along a paved bike path, for crying out loud!

Then I saw the group photo the ranger at Rock Creek Park took of our group.

Hmm. Not the most flattering of photos. The shirt length and the skirt length aren't well matched. It doesn't help that I'm not standing straight. But really, I think the worst thing is the height of my socks sticking out of my work/hiking boots. My hiking boots are not a flattering piece of clothing. But they cost $25 at Walmart sophomore year of high school, and they do their job.

Good thing I wasn't trying to win any fashion competitions while hiking.

And maybe someday I should cultivate the habit of looking in a mirror before I leave the house.

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K said...

I agree about the lengths not being well matched, but overall I think it's not that bad!