Saturday, October 27, 2012

FBI vest

Well, I'm not quite done, but with the Frankenstorm coming, I think it's probably better to post what pictures I have. The vest is pretty close to done. I need to finish the armholes and put in the zipper. Then I'll be done.
This photo is here so people can see the basic shape of the pieces I cut out. Yes, it's not quite symmetrical. No, I don't really care. Costume, people.
Here is the top layer pinned to the batting and the lining. You can't see the lining, but it's old black cotton from my grandmother's house. The gray stuff is wool from an old skirt.
The wool did have a tendency to fold up and pucker. Strangely, this seemed to be less of a problem when sewing faster.
This is how I finished the inside of the neck, which is to say, not at all. I was going to use bias tape, but decided against it because I am lazy. Also because we are gearing up for Frankenstorm, so easy and simple wins over complicated. After all, whatever I have left when the power goes out has to get done by hand!

I sewed up one shoulder seam and one side seam. I'm planning on putting a zipper into the other shoulder seam and the other side seam. I might do some quilting across the front and back too, but we'll see how the power lines fare.

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