Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Next project: Halloween costume!

My next project is going to be a Halloween costume. Not for me, for B. He wants to know, I'm not actually sure what he wants to be. But he wants a bulletproof vest, and so I am sewing it for him.

I'm planning to just wing it. I don't know where to find a pattern for a bullet proof vest, and he isn't a very picky child. So I will take some gray wool we have that's a little bit moth-eaten, and make a quilted vest with pockets. That sounds more or less like a bullet-proof vest, right? Right??

Do bullet proof vests have pockets?


Wandering Heart said...

B isn't picky? Since when?

Sophie Miriam said...

I have not found him to be picky about things I sew for the pajamas I sewed backwards and he tries to wear 24/7.

Wandering Heart said...

Right, because he doesn't like anything else...... :p