Saturday, September 29, 2012

Very Hungry Caterpillar Skirt

 The skirt is done! And yes, you're right. It wasn't supposed to be a skirt. It was supposed to be a dress. For some reason, it didn't work. I could not get my altered pattern pieces to make a nice bodice. They wrinkled and looked strange and bunched and didn't line up. I think I altered them wrong somehow.

There was probably a way to rescue it, but remember, I wanted easy. Enter plan B: a pleated skirt. I took my scraps, drafted a waistband, and pleated in the skirt pieces from the dress. It's not done, and I love it! I have a bunch of pictures, sadly all cell-phone quality. Here they are!

This is the skirt unhemmed. It's not an awful length, but it's rather matronly, and I'm not a matron.
 This is it pinned to the length I hemmed it to, hence why the right side looks lower--I didn't quite pin it there. It falls to just above my knees.
 I am so pleased with this waistband. It fits me perfectly. There is no gaposis anywhere. Of course, the downside is that if I gain any weight, it won't fit any more! Haha. I drafted it using the saran wrap and masking tape method, and I love it.
 My waistband looks nice and professional. It folds over the zipper. I put the zipper in by hand, as I always do, and it lies nice and flat. I love the fact that I could use an interestingly colored zipper.
The funniest part of this project might be the fact that this skirt fits little J as well as me.
It rides lower on her hips, of course, and it's much longer, but it does fit her. In the past few months, my siblings have been growing like weeds. Th is now 13 and has only about two inches to go until he passes me in height. People sorting clothes regularly confuse my T-shirts and 10 year old B's. I think I am on track to be in the smaller half of my family within the next year or two.

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