Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jelly in Pictures, Part 1

Yesterday I set out to make more jelly. A colleague of my father's has an orchard, and he gave Papa a bag of apples with the caveat that they were better suited for applesauce or something similar than for regular eating. I decided to make jelly. This time, though, I took pictures!

Jelly is a two step process. You cook the fruit and drain it to get fruit juice. Then you turn the fruit juice into the actual jelly.

Here is the process in pictures!
Start with apples (or another fruit)

Quarter them, but don't core or peel them. Stick them in a pot.

Cook them until they're mushy, and then let them strain through cheesecloth.

If you have a fruitfly problem in your house like I do, cover your fruit!

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