Saturday, September 15, 2012

Disappearing Comments?

Twice in the last week, comments have disappeared from this blog. I'm not sure why. One of them was clearly a spam comment, the other one didn't seem like one at all. (I know what they said because I get email notifications from comments.) Both were anonymous comments. Both times, when I clicked on the link in my email so I could respond to the comment, it had disappeared. I don't know if the author(s) deleted them, or if my blog is screwing up. Any input would be appreciated--and don't worry, even if it does disappear, I see the text of all the comments, so if someone wants to try sending through an anonymous or non-anonymous comment to test, that might be helpful!

In actual sewing news, I started work at the costume shop on Monday. The shop manager had an accident and has been out the whole week, so we have been organizing and working on packets. I finished my packet last year, so I worked on my quilt square. (Then I finished that, so I drooled over Patternmaking For Fashion Design a little bit more.) I thought I would share a picture of my finished quilt square.

Can you guess what emotion it is? It's torment. When everyone is done their square, we'll sew them all up into a wall quilt.


Wandering Heart said...

The same thing just happened to me!

Sophie Miriam said...

Found them! Anonymous comments go into the spam folder automatically. That's new. Strange.