Saturday, July 31, 2010

This post is not about sewing

Because I haven't done any. Yes, you understood me correctly. Since my last post on Wednesday, I have no sewed a stitch. I have not oiled a machine, threaded a needle, or even looked at fabric longer than 30 seconds. I have been busy with another subject, one as dear to my heart as sewing, and slightly more urgent and expensive:


I have been trying to buy my schoolbooks for next semester with a minimum of work and money paid out. This has actually been going fairly well, as many of my books are nerd books and generally not that expensive (St. Augustine's Confessions for $8 new? Check.) I shudder for all you poor math and science people--my math textbook costs $150. Needless to say, I haven't bought it yet and am working on alternatives. For anyone who may find themselves in similar straits, or for anyone who just likes getting cheap books, I will pass on Bookfinder. This site searches bookselling places, such as Alibris,, Amazon, Amazon Marketplace, and more that I had never even heard of. And the prices it lists include shipping! This may be my new favorite website.

I hope to finish buying books (except maybe that evil math book) by Monday, and then hopefully some sewing will return--madcap panic rush sewing, as Teresa leaves for ND very very soon, and an entire week is taken away by a Habitat for Humanity trip.

(If you read this whole post, then you may like books enough to want to check out this book giveaway. And yes, I admit, I do get an extra entry for linking to it, but it actually did fit with the rest of this post.)

Oh, and one more random thing: Happy anniversary to my parents, who as of yesterday have been married for 22 happy years. :)


Jana said...

22 years, thats fantastic :)

Have you looked into used books? ASU has a campus connection to a few local used bookstores and they can actually locate exactly your textbook for half the cost, and you can sell it back later.

Sophie Miriam said...

Yes, I have looked into used books. Most of the ones I've bought so far have been used.

The math textbook is a bit tricky because it has a CD, and most used book places don't guarantee the CD. I have a friend who has an old CD from the math book, and she's going to give it to me. I have also emailed the professor to ask if the CD is important. Once both those things have come through, I'll start looking again.


LindaC said...

I clicked on your link. I don't know how it benefits you, but as someone who has all too often struggled with the purchase of college textbooks (for myself and my children), I hope it helps you somehow.

There are lots of resources out there for used college textbooks. Keep up your search. I understand the CD issue and you were wise to contact your professor. Good Luck in school!!! Oh, and have fun. :)

Sophie Miriam said...

Oh, sorry for the confusion--I get an extra entry in the drawing by putting the link in the post, not for people clicking on it. Thanks, though! And thank you also for the well wishes! I am really excited for college to start.