Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I was tagged!

Andrea of Invisible Flower tagged me in an 8 question questionnaire. Here are my answers:

1) What outfit from a movie would you love to re-create?
I would love to recreate one of Scarlett O'Hara's dresses from Gone With the Wind, something like what this person has done. Honestly, the only reason I haven't tried is that I would have no place to wear it! Well, and the expense.

2) Tell us about your sewing spot/room. What is your favorite thing about it?
My sewing spot is a table in my bedroom. I can't really pick a favorite thing about it...it's very small and cramped. I suppose I like the fact that it's right underneath the window. It will soon be changing, though, when I move into a college dorm room. Hopefully it will be slightly less cramped. And hopefully my room mate doesn't mind scraps of fabric on the floor!

3) Where did you learn to sew? Who taught you?
I learned to sew in Germany. My mother taught me to handsew when I was four. I dropped it, picked it up again around 8 or 9, sewing with a machine this time, dropped it again, and then picked it up for good (at least so far) in the summer before 11th grade. I should find the doll's quilt I started in my first fit of enthusiasm and post a picture of it.

4) If you could have dinner with one person from the past, who would it be?
This is a difficult question, a very difficult question. I think I would have to go with Jesus, for obvious reasons, Thomas Aquinas, because he is an awesome philosopher, or my grandmother, because she died before I really got a chance to know her.

5) What/Who inspires you?
This is another hard question. I am inspired by many different things. As far as sewing related inspirations go, I am primarily inspired by looking at the things other seamstresses have sewed, or by flipping through catalogs. Occasionally I will be inspired by something in a store, but I don't spend that much time in real stores any more.

6) What will always make you laugh?
Funny things that my little siblings say. My friends can also usually make me laugh.

7) What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
I have trouble with ice cream. It tends to give me a stomachache. When possible, I opt for sorbet. But honestly, in my book, nothing beats chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream.

8) What is something you would like us to know about you that you have never shared on your blog?
Um. Hm. Sewing related? I am a terrible cheater. I skip any step I think I can do without. This means I skip almost all basting, a great deal of ironing, and anything else I think I can get away with. This is probably a fault that will come back to bite me some day. Being impatient and lazy is a terrible combination.

Now, rather than tagging anyone specifically, I'm tagging anyone who would like to participate. That way, no one gets put on the spot and no one gets excluded. (And it saves me the trouble of having to look back through old posts and make sure I don't tag someone who already did this....)

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