Saturday, July 3, 2010

Museum meet-ups?

If you are free on the 29th of August and are near (or willing to get yourself near Nashville), or free on the 24th of July and near NYC, you'll want to check out this post by Gertie.

I am not anywhere near Nashville, and I am only near NYC in a very extended sense of the word (read: a Chinatown bus trip away), plus I have plans already for both of those days, so I won't be at either meet-up. If you go, be sure and post pictures!

I have been doing almost no sewing this past week or so. I always lose my mojo in the summer, but it's really bad this year. I hope to do just a little bit of sewing today, but I said that yesterday as well.

In a completely non-sewing related note, I have gotten my roommate for next year at college. We've exchanged some emails, and I'm pretty sure we're going to get along well. Hooray!

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