Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hmm. Over in this post at Like Mother, Like Daughter, Mrs. Lawler mentions that it's not a good idea to keep thread out in the air and light. This is a problem for me! This is my thread storage:

(Don't worry, I actually do have more thread than this. The rack is pretty much full.) I love my thread rack. It's convenient, tidy, and I also think it's adorable!

I have experimented with many different ways of storing thread. I tried the keeping-it-in-a-box thing, and that didn't work. I have a lazy personality. The best way for my stuff to be tidy is if it's easier (or at least not harder) to put things away properly as it is to dump them someplace random. When my thread belonged in a box, it spent all its time on my sewing table. It's truly terrible that I won't get up and walk across my (tiny!) bedroom to put my thread away, but I won't. So the thread rack stays--thread which isn't put away is still being exposed to the air, and this way it looks tidy at least.

Really I suppose what I'm wondering is how much of a problem this even is. After something is finished, it doesn't get kept in a box. I'm torn between thinking that this is a bit of paranoia designed by the Rubbermaid company (ok, just kidding) and thinking that I'm just trying to rationalize my thread rack. I guess it doesn't really matter, since I love my thread rack so much. I've never had any major thread problems, so I'll stick with what I've got. But now I'm curious--how do you store your thread? Had you heard of this problem?

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Alison said...

I store my thread on a rack on the wall also. I have heard people say to store it packed away, but after all, even in the store the thread is in open racks, not packed away in the dark. I've never had any thread "problems", and I've been sewing for many many years