Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Me-Made May is over!

Well, it's June 1st, and Me-Made May is officially over. Call me a loser, but I don't feel like I learned anything. Well, I know that I haven't sewn myself anything close to an entire wardrobe. Does that count?

For those who wish to participate in this type of thing, Zo at So, Zo (the crator of Me-Made May) has created Self-Stitched September. (Quite honestly, this much planning ahead scares me. September? That's in, like, four months!) I may or may not participate--to a great extent, this will depend on my classes and schedule next year.

I've been doing a little sewing, but not much at all. I had no idea how much of my sewing was prompted by my music audio course I was taking last year. I need to find an audiobook or something to get myself going. I hope to finally finish my jeans today.

Also coming up is an inventory of all my clothes. Start thinking about what clothes you think a college student needs, because I will be asking for your opinion! I also fully expect that the answer will be "more of everything!" as that tends to be my mother's response.

Since all of my last posts have been pictureless, I'll post a picture of the garden. This is actually a picture from last year, but plants look the same, right? The first picture is Swiss chard, the second is a tomato flower, and I'm pretty sure the last one is a pepper of some sort. Or maybe it's a bean. I actually have no idea. The leaves look like bean leaves, but I don't recall flowers like that on the beans. Oh well.

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