Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Retro wrap dress

So here's the deal. I'm pretty sure that I will have sporadic internet access for most of the summer. I am even more sure that sewing will be sporadic at best. After all, you can access the internet from most anywhere there's a computer, and sew from hardly anywhere, if you don't handsew. In order to not let this blog fall completely by the wayside, I will be posting about projects I've already completed.

Today's project is B4790. [Hey look, it's on sale!] I made this dress last summer, and I really love it. It was extremely easy to sew up.

If you don't like edging things with bias tape, I think I'd recommend against this dress, though. Pretty much every edge except the bottom hem is finished with bias tape. The other caveat I'd add is that though the dress has a nice full skirt, it's really not something you can be active in. I find the snaps have a tendency to pop open if I pick up a large package or a small child. Perhaps I should stick in a hook and eye or two in between the snaps.

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