Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sewing meetup haul

Wow, I totally forgot to post about what I got at the sewing blogger meetup! Fail. Here it is:

8 patterns, an older edition of the Vogue Sewing book, and three fabrics. The one on the far left I bought from G Street Fabrics.

The baby fabric is for various random baby projects. I didn't really have a plan for it, it was just cute. The other two fabrics are stretch fabrics and I am going to use them to sew up the running skirt from Jalie 2796. I think it will require a fair amount of alteration, but it's the only running skirt pattern I could find. I'll let you know.


lsaspacey said...

Hey, I donated the baby animal fabric. Isn't it adorable? I loved it but all my friends stopped having babies! Enjoy.

Sophie Miriam said...

Yes, I love it! Thanks!