Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 wrapup?

I don't know. I don't really have the energy to post a complete wrap up with beautiful pictures and deep thoughts. I'm on antibiotics now, so perhaps that will change in a few days, but just in case it doesn't, here are my scattered thoughts.

*I have no idea what 2013 will bring in terms of sewing. In about one month, I'll be leaving the country (eeek!!) and spending 6 months abroad without my sewing machine. I don't know what will happen to this blog. I do hope to continue on with some handsewing, so maybe that will take over. At any rate, expect my posts to be far less frequent.

*I have now reached a point where my standards are higher than my skills can get me to. Mostly, I need fitting skills. I would love to make myself a form that is actually shaped like me, so I could try to fit myself better.

*Maybe I should do more alteration of RTW clothes? I'm a little torn on that.

*I'm making fairly good progress on my capsule wardrobe for Germany. I just bit the bullet and bought a new coat. It's a 3-in-1 coat, so it will be fleecy, winter coat, and rain coat all in one. It's bright pink, which I am very pleased about. It's made by LL Bean, so if it doesn't last the whole time I can send it back. It will probably last for ever. Nevertheless, it cost $100 on sale. I know that's a good price for the use I will get out of it, but ouch.

*Oooh, I know. I should make hundreds of hand buttonholes in Germany! I can be a hand buttonhole master. Maybe practice other hand techniques too. What are other things done by hand? Zippers, I know.

Ok, I think I'm done introspecting, so here's a pretty picture that also works as a signoff!

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