Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas present #1

I made two Christmas presents this year, which is rather unusual for me. When I try to make presents, they are usually late. But this time, I had both presents finished, wrapped, and labeled when I left to go visit K on the 19th. I was extraordinarily proud of myself!

For Teresa, I made pot holders, or hot pads. (They seem to go by a lot of names.) I was aiming for floppy enough that she could pick things up, but large enough that you could set a pot on them, rather than just a serving dish. I think I succeeded!
 I made two hot pads. They turned out pretty well, I thought, and they were easy to make. Teresa is moving into a house next year, and her kitchen is going to be apple-themed. So apple hot pads seemed cute, easy, and useful! A win-win situation.

 I quilted around the apples, rather than diagonally, because I thought it looked cuter. The diagonal lines turned out sort of weird and bunchy. One of the apples is coming out already, though! Not sure why, but I'll put it back in before Teresa leaves to go back to college.
Here are the two finished hot pads. You can see the diagonal lines from the earlier stitching on the left one, and how strange it looks. Other than that, I'm really pleased with how these turned out. There's some leftover fabric, so perhaps I'll make her a matching apron!

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