Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, everyone! If you are a father, you are a hero. Thank you. (Or you at least have the potential to be a hero. If you're a father and not a hero, step it up!)

If you are not a father, you have a father, or are married to a father, or friends with a father, or some combination of the above. Say thank you to them. They do good work, and their jobs are incredibly important.

Have a great day!

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Pedro Sánchez Espejo said...

Well, I'm not a father nor a hero, I'm not even married, but I do have a father and a mother too, thank God. And of course fathers are heroes, especially if they have a lot children, not my case, we're only four siblings, and mothers are even more heroes. May the grace of God be with you, and nice blog, Sophie.

P.S.: Here in Spain Father's day is on march 19, Saint Joseph's day, and Mother's day is the first Sunday of May, and we take them as seriously as you in America, of course.