Friday, June 1, 2012

Tunics and Togas

I spent the Memorial Day weekend on Long Island visiting K. We had two major goals for the weekend: sew him two tunics and a toga, and run in a 5k together. We used K's mother's sewing machine, a moderately old Singer. Here is K sewing the first tunic.

 Here is K looking senatorial in one of the tunics and the toga.
We used this website to figure out what exactly we were shooting for. Of course, we weren't as interested in perfect historical accuracy as they are--so our tunics and toga are just cotton. I did a fair amount of the pinning and ironing, since that takes more practice to do well and quickly and we were in a bit of a hurry, but I didn't do all of it by any means, and K did all of the sewing.

As far as the 5k goes, there really weren't any on Long Island on Memorial Day weekend. So we ran a 4 mile race instead. We finished in 38:50, which, although certainly not likely to break any records, is a time I can be happy with--especially for a first race!

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