Sunday, June 3, 2012

Eric Carle fabric

Did you know that Eric Carle fabric exists? I didn't. Now I need to buy some and sew something out of it. Why don't I know more babies who are lacking in clothing?

Give me your honest opinion, people. This and this are way too not-grown-up for a junior in college. I will have to wait until I have a child of my own. Or find a naked one (hey...wait...). But could I possibly pull off this? I'm torn. I'm seeing it in a princess seamed dress with a gathered skirt, and thinking maybe it could work. What do you think?

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Sarah McClelland said...

I like it for a top or a skirt, but not a dress... and when I find fabrics like that, I like to use them as bag linings or pockets and facings... my little secret.