Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I'm planning next

I am currently working on sewing a prom dress with a friend. She wanted a prom dress that was $350 or thereabouts in stores, so we found a pattern similar enough and modified it a bit. Now, because prom dresses are generally secrets, or so I am told, I'm not planning to post any pictures of it until the prom is over. So while I'm working on the prom dress, which promises to take a while, I'll probably post about old sewing projects.

For now, though, I'll tell you about some of the dresses I'm planning for after the prom dress.

1. A seersucker dress. I'm planning on using New Look 6699, using options I, J, N, and M. In other words, ruffled straps, smooth front, wide skirt, and sash. Except I'm not 100% sure yet about the sash. Any opinions on whether seersucker with a sash would look odd?

2. A dress, probably made out of a fun cotton print, from a pattern I inherited from my grandmother. The pattern is a vintage Very Easy Vogue, but I forget the number. There are 108 Very Easy Vogue patterns on the Vintage Pattern Wiki, and I just don't feel like trying to scroll through all of them. Next time I go upstairs I'll check.

3. A dress without a pattern. I'm just going to shirr across the top section to make a bodice, and then add straps of some sort. Probably ruffly straps, for modesty's sake--no one in this house is a big fan of bare shoulders.

Those are my three main dresses planned. I've also promised my brother to make him a pair of pajamas for summer and I have the pattern pieces all altered and cut out for a black princess seamed dress. I also have fabric and patterns for two knit tops and a button-down shirt. In other words, I have enough sewing to keep me busy all summer!

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Sophie Miriam said...

The Very Easy Vogue is number 8562.