Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hello and Welcome!

Hi there, and welcome to my blog! A few words before I actually start posting projects:

1. I thought I should explain the title. Fil is French for thread. A means (or can mean) of. Sewphie should be obvious--if not, my first name is Sophie, and I replaced the So with Sew. The entire title makes up the word "philosophy," and anyone who knows me knows I love philosophy. All credit for the blog name goes to my beloved mother, who thought it up. People who know me are probably wondering why there is French in the title, when I speak German and Latin better. The answer is quite simply that I liked the puns.

2. This is a general warning: If you are looking for a blog where close attention is paid to detail and things are done with great care, this is not the right blog. The two phrases I utter most often while sewing are "Oops!" and "Oh well--good enough." My objective when I sew is to make things I enjoy wearing, and I find I can do that without them being perfect. This means I don't fix things that I don't think people will notice. It also means I skip about 90% of the basting!
Same also goes for readers who think that people should be taught to sew correctly, whatever sewing correctly means. Most of my sewing abilities stem from the fact that I am good at following directions. I was taught a little bit of sewing by my mother and then I just decided to branch out. In other words, I sew in a slapdash manner. The majority of my projects have worked out fairly well so far, I think:And yes, I am aware that last sweater is knitted. But I knit (or used to--I don't knit anymore) in much the same slapdash manner I sew in. Plus I thought the picture was cute.

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