Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Slowly but surely...

...the cosplay skirt is coming together. I am sewing my cousin a skirt which I think is the casual outfit of a character named Saber. I know nothing about anime or cosplay, so this is an interesting experience. So far, it's been going okay. The main design elements of the skirt are two pleats in the front, one is the back, and lacing in the center back of the waistband.

I borrowed the waistband pattern from a pattern I had lying around, since it didn't seem worth it to draft it. Then I altered it to leave a gap for the lacing. The actual skirt part I drafted myself. The two pleats in the front are 1.5 inch box pleats, and the one in the back is three inches.

I'm really struggling to get a picture. The fabric is dark blue, and my phone camera doesn't have a flash, so all the photos I try to take are blurry and dark. I will try to track down an actual camera and take a photo. However, if I don't succeed, my cousin's brother is a (good) amateur photographer with a real camera, so I will enlist him to take photographs for me.

I have been pretty busy with Greek, so this skirt isn't coming together as fast as I had hoped. However, it's due tomorrow, so it will be done by then! So far I have the following steps left:
1. Sew down the waistband
2. Put in the zipper
3. Sew the left side seam (which is the seam I plan to put the zipper in)
4. Hem it
5. Add the eyelets for the lacing in the back
I intend to work on steps one and two this evening, as we are going to a baseball game and I can sew there, and both of those are handsewing steps. Step four I could probably also do some of. Step three, of course, is going to take about ten seconds, but I want to do that on the machine.
Step five...hmmm...I'm pretty apprehensive about that one, because I've never put in an eyelet. The tool should arrive tonight, and I will practice, but in the meantime, any tips?

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Teresa said...

I have a camera & you can borrow it. I think it's on the desk in the study.