Friday, September 2, 2011

One month later....

...I haven't really sewed anything. However, I do have some exciting sewing related news. As part of my financial aid package this year, I got federal work-study. (For non-Americans or people who don't know anything about US financial aid, this means that the government gives the school money to pay students to work.)

My job is working in the costume shop. This means I get to help sew the costumes for the show and keep them repaired. I'll be working there five hours a week, which is less than I had hoped to work, but not the end of the world. At least I have a job (work-study jobs can be hard to find) and at least it's not miserable, and in fact rather enjoyable.

So, even if I continue to not get much sewing done on my own, I'll have work sewing to report on. I also helped a friend sew a cover for his Kindle yesterday evening, and if people are interested I can track him down to take a photo of it to show everyone.

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