Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First day of work

Yesterday was my first day working in the costume shop, my new work-study job. I arrived at 2:00 to discover that the shop was in minor tumult due to the fact that it had flooded earlier in the day. I don't know the details of what happened, but it apparently cause quite a mess. The custodian was leaving with his bucket as I was arriving. Since my boss arrived to find her shop full of water, she was a little behind schedule and disorganized. As a result, there really wasn't much for me to do. I was given a tour of the shop, picked out a pair of scissors to be "mine," sorted out a bunch of buttons, and looked at my instructional packet.

The packet is a bunch of pages of photocopies from sewing instruction books. The goal is to get everyone up to speed on techniques they need and to make sure that everyone is using the same terminology. For example, I would say that slip stitch is the stitch you use to create a blind hem. According to the packet, slip stitch is one stitch and blind hem stitch is something different. I don't know if that's costume shop terminology or if the rest of the world differentiates as well, but at least now I know! When there's downtime in the shop, we workers will go through our packets and practice the skills included in it.

I'll post a description of the shop soon, hopefully with a few photos, but in the meantime let me just say that I covet this room so much! The props I can take or leave, and the fabric is kind of costumey (duh, it's a costume shop!), but I want that many machines and drawers and that much space!

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