Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shopping with a plan!

No, not for Germany. That would be wayy too fast a turnaround. The comments have been super helpful--keep them coming! This is a post about craft store shopping. I will admit, I have issues with going to craft stores. I usually come back with a bunch of remnants that I don't need, but that only cost me one or two dollars. It's not so much the waste of money that bothers me, because my financial situation isn't that dire. It's the unneeded clutter and the mental energy that I spend on buying, storing, and using stuff I never needed and didn't even want until I saw it. So, on Saturday, when I went to JoAnn Fabrics to take advantage of their 25% off coupon, this is what I wrote on my list:
Yep, that's right, NO FABRIC. None at all. I have plenty of fabric, and I don't need to buy any more until I have sewed up some of what I do have. I am on a quest to simplify, organize, and declutter!

I did not even look at any fabric. I walked right past the remnant bin without even glancing at it, even though it was overflowing. I bought the necessities I needed, which were pins, thread, needles, and the like, and got out of there. The only thing I bought that wasn't on my list when I walked in was a curved ruler, because I hadn't thought to buy it that trip. But I did have a plan to buy one in the near future, so I decided that I should buy it while it was 25% off, especially given how far away the craft store is from my house.

I spent more than I intended to (about $55), but that's because I underestimated the cost of glue sticks for the glue gun and good quality pins. Oh well. I shouldn't need to go back to a craft store for several months.

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