Saturday, November 24, 2012

M's birthday present

Here is a picture of M's completed birthday present:
 What is it? It's a running bracelet! It has her name, birthdate, and an emergency contact phone number embroidered on it. It velcros, so it's pretty adjustable. I made it out of leftover fabric from my Very Hungry Caterpillar skirt.
 As you can see, the embroidery doesn't show up very well against the bright pattern. As much as I love this fabric, I think it wasn't the best choice to embroider on to.
 Next time, I would also sew on the velcro at an earlier step of construction, so it doesn't show through the bracelet.

I think this was pretty successful, though, and it will hopefully keep M a little safer when she's out being a daredevil. Haha. (I did make sure to tell her this is not a license to be unsafe!)

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