Monday, November 7, 2011


K's sweater is progressing slowly but surely. I've done about 12 inches on the back, and the shaping starts at 14 or so. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed having a portable craft project. The cables are also easier than I had expected. Cable charts aren't so scary! I'm glad I just jumped in and went ahead with the project.

The picture isn't showing the color right--it's actually a darker blue. In fact, the yarn is this one, which I got from I couldn't get the cables to show up without the flash, and the flash washed the sweater out a little. Oh well. The sweater also isn't quite flat, so some of the cables look a little more uneven than they actually are in real life.


Teresa said...

It's so pretty!

The Mysterious K said...

I would like to make it known that I helped pick out the yarn :)

McVal said...