Sunday, July 17, 2011

Knit Dresses!

This post is all about knit dresses and knit fabrics! I love knit dresses, and I would like to make more of them. However, I currently own no knit dress patterns, and I have no good source for knit fabrics. I own two knit fabrics, which you can see pictures of here, but both of them are heavier weight and probably better suited for winter.

So, from all the sewists and seamstresses out there who have far more experience than I do, what are your favorite sources for knits? Particularly cheap knits? What are your favorite patterns? (I'm looking for both summer and winter patterns.) What are things that I should probably know, but I probably don't? Either post a comment, or, if you have a lot to say, I've tried to set up a linky.

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