Sunday, July 10, 2011


About a week ago, I was shopping at Ross and I found a purple and black leopard print dress. So fun! However, it didn't fit at all:
You know the way when you're shopping, sometimes pieces of clothing call out to you? For me, these are usually things that don't fit. This dress called out to me. However, unlike all the fitted blazers and shoes and other things that are totally unalterable (at least by me), this dress had a seam up each side and no fastenings to mess with. Two quick seams later, here's what I have:

Funny story about this dress: I texted a friend to tell her about it. She texted back, "Really??" I texted back, "Yes, really--do you disapprove?" Her response? "No, I'm just surprised. It sounds like the kind of thing your aunt would buy you and you would never wear!" It's certainly true that my aunt's sense of style is a little more out there than mine in, but I guess she's rubbing off on me!

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