Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bah. I apologize.

I know. I owe you multiple accessory posts. Or at the very least a link to someone else's beautiful creation or genius tutorial. But here's the thing:It's midterms season.
  • I just got my wisdom teeth out, and pain medicine not only doesn't work very well, but makes me feel sick.
  • My uncle is going overseas with the US Army and will be in danger for a good long time. (Those of you who pray, pray for him, his wife, and his children.)
  • I have not been getting enough sleep.
  • A close family friend just died.
So I have some excuses. I will keep trying. Maybe over spring break?


Helen said...

*cyber-hug* Don't worry. Real life takes priority over blogging.




Sylvia said...

Midterms season!?? Finals season!