Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This could make things difficult

By things, I mean sewing my dress for the inaugural ball, which is in five weeks. And by this, I mean this:
Yes, I broke my hand. I don't even have a cool story, either. I was sledding down a hill last Thursday instead of studying for final exams. There wasn't very much snow on the ground, and I got my ring finger caught on something on the ground and yanked sideways. I broke my fourth metacarpal and will be in a cast for about four weeks.

Luckily, I broke my left hand, which means I'm not totally helpless. However, sewing is really a two-handed job. I ripped my muslin apart and used the pieces as guides for new pattern pieces to cut out for the real dress. The entire process of turning a muslined pattern piece into a new one usually takes five or ten minutes per piece. With this cast, it takes forty-five. I'm not giving up on this dress just yet, but I do expect this project to be not nearly as fun as I had originally been thinking!


Alyssa said...

You can do it Sophie! :D

Teresa said...

Yay, Sophie's blogging again!