Sunday, August 8, 2010

Busy, but done

Well, I managed to finish Teresa's jeans yesterday, and, of course, I have no photo. And I am going out of town in less than two hours. I feel safe saying this publicly, since it is just me and Teresa leaving, and there will still be six blue belts and a purple belt and a shotgun left behind to guard the house. Haha.

So yeah. I have no photo (except I will say that they look quite a lot like the photo on the Jalie website; I'm quite pleased), and very little chance of getting a photo before I leave, since I'm not quite all the way packed. But the waistband fits quite well, and I am quite satisfied! If I get a chance, I'lll write another post and schedule it for some time this week, but I make no promises. I'm well aware that I'm falling down on both the sewing and blogging front, and for that I apologize!

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