Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dress plans

Ok, so not having a computer has been going pretty well. But I haven't been doing that much sewing either! I've been doing a good bit in the costume shop. We're currently working on a quilt. The person who runs the costume shop actually asked me to up my hours, so that's flattering! I'm working eight hours a week now, instead of five.

This is something I would like to sew:
This is fabric that I own, pinned to my dressmaker's dummy. I like the combination of the stripes and the cowl. My sister thinks it's got way too much going on and I should pick a new fabric or get rid of the cowl. What does everyone else think?


Andrea said...

I think it would make an awesome cowl-neck top, paired with jeans or a solid-colored skirt. As a dress, it seems like a whole lot of stripes going on, but that may be a personal bias -- I don't think I would ever wear stripes on my lower half!

McVal said...

That is awesome fabric and would make a great cowl! Good luck!

Teresa said...

Is that sister me? I just don't like cowls or stripes, so that's why I said I was anti. If you like it go for it. You'll have guaranteed yourself a dress I'll never try to make you give me. :p