Thursday, May 17, 2012

Busy? Who, me?

It's interesting, really. It never rains, but it pours! In my last post, I mentioned how most of my fabric is now assigned to a specific project. Normally, I would have picked one of those projects up and started sewing it. Probably an easy and short one for motivational purposes.

Enter, instead, more costume sewing. The school year is over, and with it, my job in the costume shop, but I volunteered to help make costumes for H's summer play, Romeo and Juliet. I had thought that this would take the form of someone handing me a pattern and some fabric and telling me, "Here, this has four straight seams. Sew this!" Was I ever wrong! The lady in charge of costumes and I had a nearly two hour meeting today. I'm sewing a tabard to match two left over from last year's play. That's pretty straightforward. However, I'm also sewing an overdress for Juliet! Clearly this woman is more trusting than I am, especially since I will have to alter the pattern substantially because it is multiple sizes too big! Don't get me wrong, I can certainly do it, but I wouldn't give someone I'd never met a costume for one of the lead roles.

These projects are supposed to theoretically be done soon. Like maybe Sunday if possible. On to the sewing! Pictures will come as projects are completed. I hope. I still haven't found my camera from my move home from college.

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