Wednesday, May 16, 2012


That was a successful purge! Two days ago I had 55 patterns. Now I have 26.

I had two boxes of fabric. Now I have one. (Ok, all you people with "real" stashes, stop laughing!)

Moreover, almost every piece of fabric I own (I think there are four exceptions) has a specific project attached to it now. Not "this would make a cute dress," but "I'll make this up with X pattern for Y person." This should help me to actually do projects, because the decision making has all been made already.

Now, where to get rid of these supplies? Obviously I could just freecycle them, along with instructions to take the whole box, but I'm hoping to find a way to get them to someone who's likely to use them. Some of the larger fabric pieces are going to a college friend, and some of the scraps are going to a mother I know who will use them to make sachets with her daughters. The other fabric I'll offer to a local children's theater company. As for the patterns, I haven't yet made a decision. Most of them are from the 50s-70s, in fairly bad shape, although complete, with a bust size between 31-34 inches.

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McVal said...

Good for you! My daughter won't let me declutter my stash, which is extensive.... Because she has dreams for my stuff!
If you want to get rid of some of the items, check out any ASG groups in your area. They have free tables where you can get rid of sewing items you don't want anymore. They are a lot of fun to attend too!
ASG = American Sewing Guild. Check out for one in your area.
Good luck!