Sunday, May 20, 2012

A project so easy, you can't NOT screw up!

This tabard is a perfect example of a project so easy it's impossible *not* to screw up.You know the kind of project I mean? Four straight seams, people. Two shoulder seams, two side seams. It's so easy, you don't look at the ones you're copying, the pattern instructions, anything like that! So I breezed through it. It took me maybe half an hour. Then I looked at the other tabards, the ones from last year I was supposed to be copying. Oops. It was supposed to have slits at the side. Oh well, no problem! That can be added. am I supposed to get all that ribbon trim and the eagle patch on? Oh yeah! I remembered her suggesting that I put on the decorations before sewing the side seams. I had filed it away in my "things people tell me that I won't worry about because duh, obvious!" box. (Sadly, I rarely look in that box. I forget lots of obvious things.)

So, I tore out the side seams, added all the trim, and resewed them, adding the slits. It still didn't take long at all, but if I had turned on my brain before I started sewing, maybe I wouldn't have made those stupid mistakes.

What are the projects you've found to be so easy, you can't not screw them up?

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