Saturday, December 17, 2011

Live blogging my knitting!

So, tomorrow I go home for Christmas break. I'm excited to be going home (duh) and quite pleased with how I finished the semester. But there's one project left unfinished. And that's K's sweater. I have the front, the back, and one and a half arms done. Unless I start getting way too sleepy, I'm not going to bed until I'm done the knitting. (Tomorrow I'll sew it together.) I'll live-blog my progress--although I expect the sane people are all in bed!

1:08--Just finished watching Legally Blonde for the first time ever. I liked it! I'm currently 11 inches into the 21 inch long arm. 10 more inches to go!

1:52--12 inches done, 9 to go. At this rate, I'll be done in, oh, 6.6 hours. Hmm. I guess this really will be an all-nighter. Or I'll give up. We'll see.

2:43--13.5 inches down, 7.5 to go. I am definitely feeling the time now! We'll see how long this lasts.

3:13--14.5 inches down, 6.5 to go. Slowly getting there. I'm taking a quick break to eat an orange and move around a little.

3:45--16 inches down, 5 to go. The pace is picking up! As is, probably not unrelatedly, the wrist pain.

4:15--17.5 inches down, 3.5 to go. The number left to go is getting reassuringly small, but the time is getting disturbingly late....

4:45--18.75 inches down, 2.25 to go. Slowing down. :( I should hopefully still finish within the hour, though.

5:15--20.5 inches done, .5 inches to go. So close I can taste it! I just realized I forgot that there isn't just assembling the sweater; there's also knitting the neckband. I think I can still leave that until tomorrow, though. I'll be getting up early and not leaving campus until 3 or so.

5:27--Binding off! Why is the last 1/2 inch always the longest and most time-consuming part?

5:33. DONE. Goodnight!


McVal said...

Oh my goodness! You stayed up all night??! Congrats on getting it done!

Sophie Miriam said...

Thanks! As it turns out, I finished the pieces, but I didn't get them all sewed together. :/ I plan to finish today.