Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Contest and update

I haven't even touched my sewing machine since I got to college. This campus is full of fun things to do, and my classes are turning out to be more work than I expected. For example, this week (the second week of school) I have two quizzes and two short papers due. I haven't had much unscheduled time, and what I have had has generally been spent with friends. (Yes, I have friends already. It's very nice.)

I thought that I would share a picture of my side of my dorm room:

This was taken before I really started living in it, of course, so there are now stacks of books and binders and papers all over my desk. I have managed to keep the floor relatively clear, though, at least so far.

In vaguely sewing-related news, have you seen Shabby Apple's Design Contest? It looks interesting. Since I am not in any way, shape, or form a pattern maker, does anyone know roughly how much it would cost to get a pattern made?

I am hoping to pick up my sewing again soon, but I can't promise anything, as I don't foresee the workload getting much lighter.

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